Rediscover joy and love in your  relationship

It is 100% normal for relationships to run into challenges.  Conflict can be a very healthy part of marriage— UNLESS it is ignored or swept under the rug. Then it creates so much mess that you don’t even know where to begin.  Every couple has their issues, but happy couples have the tools to make conflict benefit their relationship, not destroy it! 

Figuring out the root causes of your relational issues and understanding your individual traits as well as other vital components of both yourself and your spouse,  can reveal so much and help solve your issues to help turn your relationship around & make it happy and fulfilling again!

Many couples wait until the last minute to seek help.  The longer you wait for help, the more work it takes to undo the damage incurred as  you waited. Trust me, the sooner you reach out for help, the sooner you’ll find your joy in your marriage again!  It’s a typical human tendency to not want to share your weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  But without doing so, you’ll never find the answers that your relationship so desperately needs.


Do you or your partner find yourself…

  • With a lack of communication and understanding?
  • Not feeling heard or seen?
  • Struggling with boundaries?
  • Not knowing each other’s core values?
  • Constantly disagreeing or bickering about small stuff?
  • Feeling like you’re not reading the same book, let alone the same page?
  • No longer laughing and having fun?
  • Lacking true intimacy?
  • Feeling insecure in your relationship?

We’ve been through it…

→ Blended family challenges

→ Losing a stillborn daughter

→ Caring for aging parents

→ Everyday stresses of life

→ Mental health struggles

→ Job losses and financial hardships

→ Blame, disconnect, discontentment, resentment, fear, miscommunication… and so much more

After losing a daughter in 1999, I had to learn how to not only laugh, but to live again; rediscovering joy in a whole new way.

Working through all this, we are now better than ever.

What is ‘Joy is My Jam for Couples’?

‘Joy is My Jam: for Couples’ is a comprehensive online program designed for committed couples who find themselves in a cycle of disconnection and dissatisfaction in their relationship, but mutually desire resolution and resolve.

This uniquely developed program consists of personalized tools, video lessons, fillable and printable worksheets, interactive sessions and team-building exercises along with weekly live Q&A virtual sessions with me.

In addition, each couple receives a bonus private session with me to go over their personalized temperaments.



Core Values – Clarify your individual core values and values as a couple. 

Core values play a really important role both individually and in a relationship/marriage. The kind of mutual respect both of you have, empathy, trust, beliefs all play a great role in a relationship. In this segment, you will get an awesome overview of discussing mutually and coming to terms with important core values that align with both of you as a couple. 


  • Identify & Prioritize Individual Core Values 
  • Identify Specific Triggers in Core Values
  • Create Core Values as a Couple


Temperaments – Learn the basics of the various temperament types and take an assessment to get your personal temperament. This module includes a personal 90-minute session with me.

You will get an in-depth analysis of the kind of temperament you possess and how to go about the same to keep it balanced with your spouse.

An in-depth personalized temperament resort based on your assessment results will be delivered to you along with our call recordings.


Communication – Learn to communicate more effectively to hear & be heard much better!

“People who can’t communicate think everything’s an argument.”

“A relationship without communication is just two people.”

With that being said, communicating adequately can solve a number of issues that you can ever think of. Understand how  that happens in this module.


  • Importance of Listening (words, body language and behaviors)
  • Communication Styles 
  • Conflict Resolution 


Intimacy – Acknowledge and learn the importance of intimacy to improve every aspect of your marriage.

Intimacy begins outside of the bedroom.

Learn healthy communication and boundaries around the following areas:


  • Honesty & Safe Space
  • Meeting Emotional Needs
  • Physical Intimacy

Along with these Mind-blowing Modules, we’re offering 7 Bonuses for a limited amount of time


Weekly LIVE Q&A Sessions with me



Behavioral Checklist to self check your behaviour patterns



Sparking Conversations Cards to help start conversations with your partner



Secret Private Community with ultimate confidentiality


Journal Prompts




Family Relational History Chart


Journal Prompts




Family Relational History Chart

Safe and Secure

We’ve created a safe, private way that you can participate without airing your “dirty laundry” so that your marriage can become more full and vital– and loving!  With our guidance, you can work out the issues needing to be addressed to get the smiles back on you and your spouse’s faces again.

Our customized portal enables you to login with a username of your choice, watch the pre-recorded lessons, ask questions, submit journal prompts, and engage as much or as little as you feel comfortable. 

This is not a group program where you are required to share your struggles with others, but rather a private space to learn, process and grow at your own pace. 

success stories

“I credit Holly Mutlu with saving our marriage after working with her for ONE VIDEO session.  I understand that probably sounds too good to be true.  Lack of communication and shared empathy was killing our marriage and my spirit.  I’d given up hope we could change the dynamic my husband and I had fallen into after only five years of marriage.

I’d decided that maybe marriage just wasn’t for me.  We’d been going to marriage counseling for several months and all I had to show for it was more anger and resentment.  It felt like my husband had turned into another person and I found myself longing for my single days.

We had a video session with Holly and the results were INSTANT and felt magical.  By the end of the session, we were even unconsciously snuggling together which was a far cry from how we started the session!”

“GENUINE that’s the best way to describe Holly. You’re about to share some of the most private issues that you have with someone who you barely know. Comfortable and safe is how I felt. I was in the worst place ever in my life, at the bottom. Then through the grace of GOD she shows up to save me.

Here is someone I didn’t know from anyone, and my ego wasn’t about to  just let anyone break me down and open up. Well, I was wrong on that last point. I opened up and Holly listened, didn’t judge me in anyway just listened and prayed for me. I’m tearing up just remembering our very first session.”

“It didn’t take long before I felt what anyone wants to feel in this situation, safe. I trusted her. I let somethings known to her that I swore to my maker I’d take to the grave. She listened and listened till I could say no more. Then she looked at me and I saw that she felt my pain and I also saw she wanted to help me heal. This was a feeling that no one will ever understand till you experience it.

She wrapped herself into my world and we set goals, milestones, and we worked and worked and we made progress every time we met. You can’t learn this stuff, you have to be blessed with it. I don’t care how many letters you have after your name saying how many courses you took. If you don’t have the sincere desire to help and change people’s lives it won’t matter. This woman will have a positive effect on anyone willing to let her help.”

“I was as broken as broken a man could be. My marriage was in the worst shape ever. I’m am honored and so proud to say Holly didn’t just help my wife and I, she saved our marriage. The time we have known her has proven to us who she is an awesome human being. She has a knack for making people smile. I will always consider her to be one of the most influential people in my life. God bless you Holly.”

“I remember thinking “What am I doing here with this stranger who really couldn’t care less about me?” I was strong, successful, and full of a  whole lot of pride —  I knew for sure she couldn’t help me. That was the single most incorrect thought I’ve ever had in my entire adult life. Holly has the strength and will to let even the toughest of us try and talk above her.”

“Through the husbands experience, a true testimonial for Holly Mutlu. Over our 14 years of being married, my wife and I have had our marriage challenged on multiple times. While we both found the strength to not give up on one another, we always turned to Holly to guide us through the difficult times. Our journey has been a rollercoaster of love for one another but Holly has made sure we stayed on the tracks and did not derail. There were definitely good days that out-weighted the bad. We continuously turned to Hollys “homework” as guidance that needed to be done in order for us to succeed.

We have learned over the years through Holly communication and providing the simple love your partner desires will make for a stronger marriage. We have told many of our friends Holly is who help saved our marriage. Years later, my wife and I are loving one another more than we ever have. Our journey has just begun and I look forward to the future.”

enroll now and start loving life again!

✓ 4 Core On-Demand Modules (value $997)

✓ 12 Weekly Live Sessions (value $1,797)

Personalized Individual Temperament Assessment X2 (value $997)

✓ Private Community (value $127)

✓ 7 BONUSES (value $247), and

✓ Exclusive 120-minute coaching session (value $597).


ONLY 2,997!

That’s a total savings of $1,765!


How long will it take to complete the program?
The course is designed to be completed over 12 weeks, but you can complete the modules at your own pace. We recommend doing one module a week, besides the introduction. It should take about 1.5 to 2 hours a week to watch the videos and do the exercises.
If my partner is not interested, can I do it on my own?
Yes! The course is designed to support you even if you’re the only one trying. It only takes one committed person to change a relationship.
Do we have to be married to participate in this course?
No! This is beneficial for all couples who are wanting to rediscover your joy.
If we want more individual support is it available?
Absolutely!  You’ll have access to a private link where you can schedule sessions with me.
We are private people. Do we have to share in the coaching program? Do we have contact with other couples?
You don’t have to share anything personal that you don’t want to. Since most couples experience common challenges, you can learn from each other’s questions. For more private help, you can choose the option with one on one coaching.

In the coaching program you have an opportunity to see other couple’s questions or comments (if they decide to share them) through the private Facebook group or on the video conferencing calls. Our experience shows that these interactions can be very helpful and inspiring.

What type of exercises or assignments does the course include?
Most assignments include questions and assessments that you do on your own. Some of them, you’re invited to share with your partner. You can download the exercises in PDF form. Also, throughout the course, there are a few video exercises that are guided by Holly.
How many exercises are there, and how long does it take to do the exercises?

Each module is a little different, but on average, you have about 1-2 exercises per module, as well as a summary that brings all of them together. You will also get simple weekly tips/exercises to follow within the modules. The exercises typically take anywhere from a few minutes to 15 minutes.

The course has 12 modules, each with their own videos and exercises, as well as worksheets and examples. You can expect a comprehensive plan on how to repair, recover, and fall back in love.

Can we interact with Holly?
Yes, you will be able to ask Holly questions through the Community group or your coaching session. If you need more private support, you can book Holly here.
How long do we have access to the course?
Once purchased, you have unlimited access to this course so long as Joy is My Jam: For Couples is online.
What makes this course different from others?
The personalized Temperament Assessments reveal so much about each individual aids in discovering yourself and your partner in a whole new way with deeper levels of understanding. In addition, you receive an 1-1 coaching call that is truly transformative!

Have a question I didn’t answer? Please don’t hesitate to email me!

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